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Business philosophy


All our project and contracts are run and supervised on sound project management principles that ensure:


  • The best design based on the most cost effective solution;
  • The delivery of work on time and according to the customer’ specifications and expectation;
  • The completion of work within the budget.


ROOT’S TEMPAIR cc, our potential and existing customers are valued equally irrespective of the size and level of complexity of the project under consideration.

In ROOT’S TEMPAIR cc we always do our utmost to provide our customers with the best available professional solutions.




As a registered member of the Electrical, air conditioning and refrigeration Contracting Association of SOUTH AFRICA. ROOT’S TEMPAIR cc applies the best wiring techniques to the standards of the industry (Wiring code SANS 10-142) and its members have a great deal knowledge of international electrical codes such as NEC, ANSI and IEEE.Each and every work is quality guaranteed, as member in the company are professionals involved in all stages of projects including on-site supervision. ROOT’S TEMPAIR cc endeavors to provide its customers with the best consulting services as its members are registered with the Engineering Counsel of SOUTH AFRICA  and the Institute of Professional


In its obligation to provide quality services to its customers, ROOT’S TEMPAIR cc has incorporated within itself a mechanical division which is specialized in the design and installation of air-condition system within residential, office and commercial building.


2.   Capability


ROOT’S TEMPAIR cc has unlimited access to resources tailored to the project requirements and customers’ expectation on delivery time.

Besides running the company, members are also involved in the actual execution of the job if time and resources constraints so require.

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